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- Free marketing of the entity before and after event (company can chose one of it’s products related to the concept of “Lalela”, which they may want to advertise in the event)


- Partner in creating a positive SA brand


- Big target market leading to a lot of visibility nationally as well as internationally 


- Demonstration of positive contribution to local communities through support for upliftment of the local communities they operate in. 


- Artist expressing their passion for your brand through advertising on different social media platforms and other platforms through their unique art exhibition. 


- Financial support to official NGO’s such as Dam Ditty Doo art connection can be deducted from Tax.  


- Youthful and Trustworthy image: 

The entity’s image is being influenced positively by being involved with the arts and youth.

Not the sophisticated arts like contemporary dance theatre which leave you clueless as to what just happened or prestige music festivals. The art we do comes from the streets and from the heart and so it appeals to the youth.  “Lalela “represents all the color, innovative thinking, creativity, passion and love for life that the youth of South Africa have.


Become a sponsor for “Lalela” and you will reach a wide target market nationally as well as internationally with an optimistic and socially involved image. 

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