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Blak  olive

Vocalist, Vocal Coach, 100% natural beauty products Yume Naturals CEO

Nothende Olive Madumo is the African Queen in our team. The earth mother, the connection between reality and the universe. Not only is Nothende a strong vocalist but a creative mind that is always ready to let art speak. Nothende has worked with many award winning South African hip hop artists such as Prokid, Mr. Selwyn, Proverb, Wikid, Amu, Slikour, Morafe, Tuks, to mention a few. Touring as backup vocalist for award winning singer and songwriter Lira got her the experience she needed to create her own music and style. She is very unique and always connects to herself when performing which translate to the audience, which gets them drawn into her music. She knows how her music is suppose to sound and won't hesitate to let a rehearsal run overtime to get the absolute best outcome. 

Nothende is a pleasure to work with and it always involves a good laugh and a plenty of creativity. 

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