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Ginger Wensky


Dancer, Choreographer and Director Ginger might look young but has an old soul with a strong vision. In 2009 she moved from her home country Germany to South Africa to study Film. During her years of study she did not stop dancing but of course her career started taking shape after her graduation in 2012. 

Doing various gigs at festivals, music video shoots, big Brand activation concerts, numerous award shows like South African Music Awards, Sports Awards, Film Awards, got her to meet talented individuals that sparked the idea of creating this show. 

“Its not a dream, it is a vision” says Ginger about  LALELA. 

“Ever since i was a young girl I had a good eye for costumes, lighting, musical composition and more: " I always saw the picture before it was created.”


“ Lets show the world the grey area between crime and safaris. The passion, talent and fire.” 


Yogin  sullaphen

Musical Director and Composer 

Yogin Sullaphen is a musician in South Africa. He has experience in teaching, performance, composition and production of music. Yogin studied music at The University of Witwatersrand which established his versatility within the field. He composes for theatre and performance art, and is part of bands and other music projects in and around the city of Johannesburg and abroad, recently composing for The Irritierte Stadt Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. Yogin was nominated for 2 Naledi Theatre Awards for “Jungfrau” and “Strange Land” directed by Jade Bowers. Currently he is experimenting with live looping within the context of theatre and performance art as well as in a musical duo with Annalyzer called uKhoiKhoi. He is a multi-instrumentalist with emphasis on the guitar though he feels his strength lies in his understanding of harmony, texture and diversity in musical style.




DDD Founder, Costume Designer, Visual Artists 

In the 80’s Tiny studied fashion and costume design at Esmode Guerre Lavigne in Paris and worked as Createur de Haute Couture for Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, Azzedin Alaia, Jean Claude de Lucca, Jean Barthet, Kansai Yamamoto. 

She started to work for a german company in Asia and designed casual wear and sportswear. In the late 80ties, she decided to open her own company, producing & designing casual wear for Puma, Diesel, Sabotage and Chevignon. 

In 1998 she studied Multimediadesign and became Art Director at Focus Digital, ICpro München Hubert Burda Media, Publisher of ELLE, Brigitte, Playboy, Focus Money & other as well as Project manager for Benetton. 

Tiny is founder of Dam Ditty Doo art connection in 2001 together with longtime friend Patrick Gamon. She has guided the project for so many years and has now passed it on to her daughter Ginger.

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