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Dam Ditty Doo art connection provides youth of South Africa with dance classes and is on the way to expand on giving fine art, vocal, fashion and acting classes.  

Since 2010 DDD has taught about 70 youth and the result in the children that have stayed in the programme and worked hard is amazing. Not only have they become more comfortable in their own skin, but there is a sense of self-worth and pride that is gained. The mindset, attitude, presentation & self-discipline of these young individuals has become something that we are proud of.

Underage drinking is an ongoing problem in South Africa, one in two teenagers are active consumers of alcohol, this is a critical matter that affects the well-being of the nation. Research shows that people who begin drinking before the age of 18 are four times more likely to develop an alcohol dependence than those who have their first drink at the age of 20 or older. At least 15 percent of South Africans are said to have a drug problem, according to the country’s Central Drug Authority. 


We need to start the conversation earlier and tackle the problem before it gets out of control. By being part of DDD and getting the needed training in their respected fields, the youth have something to do that keeps them off the street, a platform that provides them with knowledge and a home where they can truly be themselves.

The unemployment rate for South African youth is 55,2%, we see a serious problem that needs to be addressed. 

By being a member of DDD they are provided with the ability to look further than they ever believed they could. With this we are creating open minded youth, who are hungry for more, leaving their doors to possibilities endlessly. 

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