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Ginger Wensky


Dancer, Choreographer and Director, Ginger might look young but has an old soul with a strong vision. In 2009 she moved from her home country Germany to South Africa to study Film. During her years of study she did not stop dancing but of course her career started taking shape after graduating in 2012. 

Doing various gigs at festivals, music video shoots, big Brand activation concerts, numerous award shows like South African Music Awards, Sports Awards, Film Awards, got her to meet talented individuals that sparked the idea of creating this show. 

“Its not a dream, it is a vision” says Ginger about  LALELA. 

“Ever since I was a young girl I had a good eye for costumes, lighting, musical composition etc. I always saw the picture before it was created.”


“ Lets show the world the grey area between crime and safaris. The passion, talent and fire.” 

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