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LALELA the musical

“Lalela” showcases the traditional and modern side of South Africa. The African heartbeat, rhythms and movement all wrapped up in a truly South African and very inspiring story about a young Xhosa Poet who wants to be accepted for who he is. This is a story to awaken the audience and motivate them to find THEIR purpose and fulfill it and that if we continue harming our planet the way we are now, our planet will be inhabitable for our future generations.  


“Lalela” is forward thinking and very proud of it's African roots, involving African elements such as Pantsula, Kwaito, Sbujwa, African drums, house music, Gumboot dance and African mythology Elements such as the two headed Kaa-U-La birds. 

get a feel of LALELA

By mixing different performance elements of theatre, circus, concert, traditional and modern, “Lalela”  has a wide target market touching the audience with its fiery talent and captivating storyline. 

“Lalela” appeals to ages 8 to 80, and all colours & ethnicities.  


With an international tour of “Lalela” we want to showcase South African talent and promote a positive image of Africa.

The aim of “Lalela” is to create understanding for a culture that cannot simply be looked up in a book. You cannot find friendship on faulty guesswork and justice cannot be found on lies and the same is true with human association and mutual trust.  Only through understanding can we create Peace between two different Worlds that are meeting each other in the every day life, now more than ever before.

DAM DITTY DOO art connection /show trailer

Dam Ditty Doo art connection hosts Fundraising Events for non-profitable projects with the youth of Johannesburg. Two of our main events were  the live performance show at the Alexander Theatre 2016, Johannesburg South Africa and the Self-Love” Exhibition 2017 at the Agog Gallery, Johannesburg. 

Performances by Joburg Ballet, Nothende, Nomisupasta, Contortionist Lunga Buthlezi, Bambanani Brass Ensemble to name just a few. Partners such as Uber, VovoTelo, Who Got Skillz, Prohelvetia and Basa have supported us in these endeavours.

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