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soweto  Junction

Panstula Dance crew


Soweto Junction is a street dance company from Soweto Johannesburg. "We specialize mainly in our proudly South African dance genre, Pantsula. A dance style specialized in fast footwork and rhythm. “ says leader Topollo.


The aim was to create a platform for street dancers to become professional dancers and enable them to make a living out of their God given talent, since there are limited opportunities and few street dance companies in South Africa. 

The company started in July 2014 with 5 members: Topollo Ntulo 28, Nkululeko Mkhwanazi 28, Mofhli Ntsasa 21, Mandlakayise Motaung 20 and Molef Rakitla 19. 

Soweto Junction are talented and reliable young men who breathe Pantsula. 

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