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Findoh  Sefolo 

African, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, African street- style Dancer

Findoh  is an eccentric young lady full of zeal with a passion to pass on her knowledge as an artist, specializing in dance. She started dance as a subject in her early high school years in 2006 then proceeded to further her studies at the institute of dance Moving into Dance Mophatong in 2011-2013. 

After completion at MIDM she toured globally to Turkey and Tunisia. She continued to tour with big production companies around Europe in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

She continues with shows locally within the borders of South Africa such as Idols SA, performing with well known music duo Mafikizolo and with South Africa’s renowned Afro-pop singer and songwriter Lira, Travis Scott, Jussie Smollet and numerous prestigious Award Shows like South African Music Awards & South African Sports awards and more 

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