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Tiny Wensky


DDD Founder, Costume Designer, Visual Artists 

In the 80’s Tiny studied fashion and costume design at Esmode Guerre Lavigne in Paris and worked as Createur de Haute Couture for Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, Azzedin Alaia, Jean Claude de Lucca, Jean Barthet, Kansai Yamamoto. 

She started to work for a German company in Asia and designed casual wear and sportswear. In the late 80's, she decided to open her own company, producing & designing casual wear for Puma, Diesel, Sabotage and Chevignon. 

In 1998 she studied Multi-media design and became Art Director at Focus Digital, ICpro München Hubert Burda Media, Publisher of ELLE, Brigitte, Playboy, Focus Money & others as well as Project manager for Benetton. 

Tiny founded Dam Ditty Doo art connection in 2001 together with longtime friend Patrick Gamon. She has guided the project for so many years and has now passed it on to her daughter Ginger.

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